Subsidies for energy efficient equipment - Wallonia

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The government of Wallonia since 2004 provides subsidies to private sector entities in industry, agriculture and services wishing to invest in energy efficient equipment meeting minimum standards, as follows: Lighting: Must meet UREBA standards, subsidy of EUR 150/kW, up to EUR 5000 per project. Variable speed motors (cooling, air compressor, ventilation, pump): Minimum energy saving of 10%, subsidy of EUR 100/kW, up to EUR 5000 per project. Refrigeration: Installation of system with minimum energy savings of 20%, subsidy of EUR 1250 per cooling system of a minimum of 15 kW; also provided for energy use analysis system. Heat recovery (industrial and artisanal ovens, drying equipment): Subsidy of EUR 50/kW of recovered heat, up to a maximum of EUR 7500. Burners (direct flame and radiant tube, for dryers, metal treatment, post combustion, make up air, heat modulators): Subsidies between EUR 3.75 and EUR 12.75 per kW, up to a maximum of EUR 7500. Large space heaters: Subsidy of between EUR 6 and EUR 25 per kW, up to a maximum of EUR 2500 per piece of equipment (maximum of four per company). Condensing gas boilers: Meeting established standards, subsidy depends on installation capacity, to a maximum of EUR 12 500. Heat pumps: Meeting established standards, subsidy of EUR 1 500. Microgeneration and high efficiency cogeneration: Subsidy covers 20%of the cost, up to a maximum of EUR 15 000. Thermal regulation (thermostatic valves, regulated thermostats, outdoor thermostat): Subsidy covers 30%of the cost, up to a maximum of EUR 300. Gas heating (for replacement of electric heating systems in social housing): Subsidy of EUR 150 per kW, plus 50% of the cost of extension and connection, to a maximum of 150m per extension. The maximum subsidy is limited at EUR 7500 per year per location, except for condensing gas boilers of over 500 kW capacity, for which the limit is EUR 12 500.

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