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The IEA has launched a four-year cross-agency initiative, Digital Demand-Driven Electricity Networks (3DEN). 3DEN is working to accelerate progress on power system modernisation and effective utilisation of distributed energy resources through policy, regulation, technology and investment guidance.

The project was developed in the context of the 2019 Climate Action Summit and aims to step up global action for clean energy to fight climate change.

Under the 3DEN Initiative, the IEA will leverage analysis, case studies and experiences from across the Agency and the world to develop and disseminate actionable tools and guidance. 3DEN will engage with relevant organisations, bringing together diverse stakeholders to foster dialogue and share experiences, including the International Smart Grids Action Network, the Clean Energy Ministerial, Mission Innovation and the User-Centred Energy Systems, Energy in Buildings and Communities and Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment Technology Collaboration Programmes.

3DEN has a global focus. Initial geographic priorities include Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, and critical regions like Latin America, Africa and ASEAN.

The IEA gratefully acknowledges the support of Italy’s Ministry for Ecological Transition for this Initiative.

3DEN contributes to and works in coordination with the IEA Clean Energy Transitions Programme (CETP), which includes a broader set of activities and a larger number of focus target countries. The CETP leverages the IEA’s unique energy expertise across all fuels and technologies to accelerate global clean-energy transitions, particularly in major emerging economies. CETP activities include collaborative analytical work, technical cooperation, strategic dialogues, training and capacity building.

For more information on 3DEN and how to get involved, please contact