Climate Resilience for Energy Security

Cover Climate Resilience for Energy Security report_A photo of a power line knocked down in a street after a storm

About this report

Growing climate change is putting global energy security at risk, threatening the reliable supply of fuels and resources. Climate change directly affects every aspect of the energy system, from the extraction, processing and transport of fuels and minerals, to the potential, efficiency and reliability of power generation, to the physical resilience of energy infrastructure, as well as impacting energy demand patterns. According to most scenarios, climate change disruptions are likely to increase in magnitude in the coming decades. A comprehensive understanding of climate effects on energy supply and demand is crucial to strengthening the resilience of energy systems.

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the climate impacts and hazards facing energy systems, with projections up to the end of the 21st century. It also presents effective measures for energy suppliers, consumers and public authorities to enhance climate resilience, with cost-benefit analysis proving that investments in climate resilience bring long-term benefits.