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Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

Not on track
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About this report

CSP generation in 2020 was similar to 2019, with capacity additions occurring only in China (~0.2 GW). CSP is not on track with the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario, which models annual average growth of almost 31% between 2020 and 2030, corresponding to an average ~6.7 GW of capacity additions annually. Policies that emphasise the value of CSP plant storage as well as efforts to reduce costs will be key to attract additional investment.

Concentrated solar power generation in the Net Zero Scenario, 2000-2030

Tracking progress

In 2020, almost 200 MW of CSP capacity were added, a 66% decrease from 2019 and below the average of the previous ten years. All capacity additions were commissioned in China, and overall CSP generation remained similar to 2019. China, Morocco and South Africa have been responsible for the bulk of capacity additions in the past five years, and they are expected to continue leading deployment in upcoming years, along with the United Arab Emirates.  

To achieve Net Zero power generation of 204 TWh from CSP in 2030, average annual generation growth of 31% is needed from 2020 to 2030. As this corresponds to ~6.7 GW of new capacity every year, CSP deployment is not currently aligned with the Net Zero Scenario.  

Much more effort is therefore needed to support R&D, recognise CSP’s storage and flexibility capabilities, reduce its costs and increase the scale of the industry. 

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