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About this report

Often called the "first fuel" of the global energy system, energy efficiency is one of the most important steps that any government can take to move towards a sustainable energy system. To check on the progress made on this front, the IEA Energy Efficiency Market Report tracks the core indicators of energy efficiency. This year, the report takes a new approach and expands the scope of analysis by examining the drivers of energy efficiency programmes in emerging economies, as well as the impact of those policies. Some of the questions that are addressed in this year’s report include: Which countries and policies are having the greatest impact, and what is the recipe for their success? Are we improving energy efficiency fast enough to achieve our climate goals? What is the size of energy efficiency investments around the world and in key energy-consuming sectors? What has been the impact of low energy prices on these efficiency investments? What are the benefits of efficiency programmes on climate policy, energy security and public budgets? What are the market trends for energy efficiency services and financing? The Energy Efficiency Market Report is the global tracker for energy efficiency programmes, providing policy makers and the private sector with insights on the latest trends and market prospects.