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About this report

Energy Efficiency 2023 is the IEA’s primary annual analysis on global developments in energy efficiency markets and policy. It explores recent trends in energy intensity, demand and efficiency-related investment, policy and technology. This tenth edition of the market report also features a new spotlight section, focused on key issues facing policy makers this year. In particular, the report details what is entailed with the proposed global target to double energy efficiency progress and what will be gained by achieving it. 

This year’s report comes amidst the ongoing effects of the energy and climate crises in what is expected to be the hottest year on record. In this context, 2023 global energy efficiency progress, as measured by primary energy intensity, is expected to be slightly below the long-term trend in a slow down from 2022. However, the report makes clear that a profound transformation is underway in energy efficiency and clean energy more broadly, with many governments introducing new, or strengthening existing, policies and energy-saving programmes. These policies are leading to faster deployment of efficient technologies and are contributing towards an expected peaking of fossil fuel demand in the coming years. 

Energy End-uses and Efficiency Indicators