Energy Policies of IEA Countries: Slovak Republic 2018 Review

Aerial View Of Drazovce Slovak Republic

About this report

Since 2016, the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) in-depth country policy reviews focus on key energy security challenges in fast-changing global energy markets as well as on the transition to clean energy systems. The latest review of the Slovak Republic’s energy policies finds the country has made significant progress on several fronts. Along with its neighbours, and with support from the European Union, it has strengthened cross-border connections for electricity, natural gas and oil, improving its energy security and increasing market competition. The Slovak Republic 2018 review looks at the challenges the Slovak Republic faces and provides recommendations for further policy improvements. The report is intended to help guide the country towards a more secure and sustainable energy future. The recommendations include updating its 2014 Energy Policy and incorporating ambitious targets for 2030 on energy security, CO2 emissions, and energy markets; continuing to decarbonise the heating sector; developing a clear and transparent programme for eliminating administratively determined end-user prices of electricity and natural gas; and taking further measures to limit energy-related CO2 emissions in the transport sector, in particular.