Global Fuel Economy Initiative 2021

About this report

This report presents the latest update to the Global Fuel Economy Initiative’s biannual benchmarking report on light-duty vehicle sales. The report tracks the progress of fuel economy of new light-duty vehicles, providing the latest insights based on a rich dataset covering about 85-90% of global light-duty vehicle sales and extending from 2005 to 2019. It leverages these data and IEA modelling to inform policy makers on the policies that would be needed to align the pace of light-duty vehicle efficiency improvements with climate ambitions.

To inform the GFEI targets, which go beyond tailpipe emissions, this report extends the scope of analysis from rated fuel economy and tailpipe emissions to consider the current and potential performance of different light-duty vehicle fuel-powertrain options on a well-to-wheel basis; quantifying greenhouse gas emissions incurred in producing, transporting and delivering both conventional transport fuels (derived from oil and gas), and energy carriers such as electricity and hydrogen.