Global Summit on People-Centred Clean Energy Transitions Framing Note

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About this report

The exceptional mobilisation of financing for clean energy transitions presents a unique opportunity to invest in local communities around the world and bring the benefits of clean, secure and affordable energy to those who need it most. Ensuring that these benefits are maximised for all – in other words, placing people at the centre of clean energy policies – is essential for transitions to succeed.

Intentional policy design is key to achieving this. Additionally, how such policies are perceived in terms of their fairness and their impacts is crucial to maintaining public support for them – and for transitions as a whole.

Governments are therefore looking to further understand how to ensure clean energy transitions will be a tool for positive social change and equity. The IEA has been working with governments to provide actionable principles and policy guidance and to help track and monitor progress. The IEA aims to support governments by providing key analytical tools and by using its convening power to share learnings and best practices towards ensuring that people are at the centre of clean energy transitions.

With the aim of driving further action, the IEA’s first Global Summit on People-Centred Clean Energy Transitions will bring together ministers, policy makers, labour leaders, CEOs, youth representatives, Indigenous voices and other international experts to engage in robust dialogue on how to collectively address the challenges of implementing and tracking people-centred clean energy transitions.