How2Guide for Smart Grids in Distribution Networks

About this report

A concerted effort is needed to accelerate the deployment of low-carbon technologies globally, and smart grids present an important element in meeting this challenge as catalysers for sustainable energy infrastructure. Improving efficiency, facilitating integration of renewable energy sources and providing system resilience, flexibility and security are among the many substantial benefits that smart grid technologies can bring. This How2Guide provides direction for developing and implementing a national or regional smart grid roadmap, in mature and developing grids alike, walking stakeholders through the process, including planning and preparation, visioning, preparing the roadmap, implementation and monitoring. Recommendations and frameworks are given for identifying stakeholders, conducting baseline research, determining drivers and appropriate projects to meet needs, identifying barriers and response actions and setting timelines and milestones for deployment. Smart grids can play a fundamental role in global efforts to pave the path towards a more secure, sustainable and innovative energy future, and this How2Guide is one small part of IEA efforts to support that transition.