Kyrgyzstan 2022

Energy Sector Review

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About this report

This International Energy Agency (IEA) desk study of the energy policies of Kyrgyzstan was conducted under the auspices of the EU4Energy programme, which is being implemented by the IEA, the Energy Community Secretariat and the Energy Charter Secretariat.

Kyrgyzstan’s plentiful water resources make hydropower the country’s most important energy source. In addition, Kyrgyzstan has significant coal deposits, but oil and natural gas resources are marginal, making the country dependent on imports of natural gas, oil and oil products.

The Kyrgyz government’s long-term Sustainable Development Strategy sets out priorities for the evolution of the country’s energy sector through 2040. Key government goals include reducing the country's dependence on hydrocarbon energy sources through further large-scale development of hydropower resources, while also increasing the share of other renewables such as solar, wind and biogas to 10% of the country’s total energy mix.

This report assesses Kyrgyzstan’s energy sector and the related challenges facing the country, proposing policy recommendations to enhance energy policy making, improve energy data collection and strengthen power system security.