The Methane Tracker was prepared jointly by the Energy Supply and Investment Outlook (ESIO) Division and the Office of the Legal Counsel (OLC) of the International Energy Agency. The principal authors were Christophe McGlade, Frances Reuland (ESIO), and K.C. Michaels (OLC) with valuable contributions from Tim Gould (Head of ESIO), who designed and directed the analysis, and from Katherine Konschnik and Jennifer Chen (Duke University Nicholas Institute). Amelia Caldwell assisted with the policy and regulatory database.

The analysis draws upon the scenario analysis and modelling undertaken by the World Energy Outlook team.

Thanks also go to Jad Mouawad, Jethro Mullen and Jon Custer of the Communications and Digital Office.

The participants in the Methane Guiding Principles group, notably the Environmental Defense Fund, ExxonMobil and Shell, provided invaluable support to this work.