About this report

Uganda’s Energy Transition Plan (ETP) is a strategic roadmap for the development and modernisation of Uganda’s energy sector. It charts an ambitious, yet feasible pathway to achieve universal access to modern energy and power the country’s economic transformation in a sustainable and secure way. The plan was developed by Uganda’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, with support from the International Energy Agency, and provides the groundwork for the government’s upcoming Integrated Energy Resource Master Plan.

The analysis does not just look at Uganda in isolation but considers how global trends are influencing and opening up new opportunities, notably driven by rapidly evolving clean technology costs and shifts in energy and climate finance. Particular focus is paid to making use of the country’s considerable energy and mineral resources, and parlaying this into economic development for Uganda, a core pillar to ensure the pathway in the ETP is a just and inclusive one. The report provides detailed sector-by-sector analysis, including key targets and milestones, estimates of investment needs, and includes high-level recommendations for its implementation. While the focus of the report is from now to 2050, the ETP also highlights key steps to further the energy sector’s decarbonisation beyond 2050 and estimates at what point the energy sector is poised to reach net zero.

Uganda 2023

Uganda has set an ambitious agenda to develop its substantial energy and mineral resources, promote economic development, end energy poverty, and lead the country to a just energy transition. Uganda’s stated objective in Vision 2040 is to transform into "a modern and prosperous country”, ensuring a better future for its citizens. The energy sector will play an important role in helping Uganda achieve this.