Workshop — Paris, France

2nd InterEnerStat Workshop


The main objective of the workshop is to explore ways and means of further strengthening harmonisation and cooperation between organisations in order to (a) improve transparency, coverage, timeliness and quality of energy statistics and (b) reduce the burden passed to countries and organisations in data reporting. Major progresses have been achieved on data quality, coverage, timeliness, harmonisation, training, and cooperation since the 1st InterEnerStat workshop in November 2005. However, organisations are not necessarily aware of what the others do. InterEnerStat gives the opportunity to everyone to hear about what the others have done, do or will be doing in the near future. The workshop will then be divided into two parts: On Day 1, a "shopping" day to learn from each other (and "shop" ideas) about recent developments and improvements. Day 2 will be dedicated to a brainstorming session to examine various ways and means to strengthen cooperation and harmonisation.


Main Developments in Organisations

Welcome Address – Mr. Nobuo Tanaka, Executive Director, IEA
Background and Objectives –  Mr. Jean-Yves Garnier AFREC – Dr. Hussein Elhag

APEC – Mr. Shigeru Kimura
Annual Energy Statistics in APEC Region

APPA – Mr. David Ekoumé

EEA - Dr. Anca-Diana Barbu

Eurelectric – Mr. Gunnar Lorenz

Eurogas - Mr. Thomas Herkner
The Eurogas Statistics Committee and Forecasting Task Force

Eurostat – Mr. Roeland Mertens
EU Regulation on Energy Statistics - An Update

FAO – Mr. Miguel Trossero

IAEA – Mr. Andrii Gritsevskyi

IEA – Mr. Michel Francoeur
Recent Developments and Improvements at the IEA

IEFS – Mr. Saïd Nachet
Lessons from a joint training experience:  The JODI training programme

IMF – Ms. Lucie Laliberté
Promoting Data Quality in Energy Statistics: Overview of Efforts by the IMF

IPCC – Mr. Kiyoto Tanabe
Fuel classification and definitions in the 2006 IPCC Guidelines

OAPEC – Dr. Jamil Tahir
Progress in Coverage and Quality of Energy Statistics in OAPEC

OECD – Mr. Lars Thygesen

OLADE – Mrs. Erica Robin (on behalf of OLADE)
Online Training on Energy Information

OPEC – Mr. Puguh B. Irawan
The Need for Quality Oil Statistics in Directing a Transparent World Energy Market

Oslo City Group – Mr. Atle Tostensen
The work of the Oslo Group and the need for cooperation and harmonization

UNECE – Mr. Sigurd Heiberg and Ms. Charlotte Griffiths
The Road to a Common Global Terminology for Energy Reserves and Resources: Recent Developments of the United Nations Framework Classification for Fossil Energy and Mineral Resources

UNFCCC – Mr. Matthew Dudley
Review of the initial report under the Kyoto Protocol: reporting, review and energy data

UNFCCC –Mr. Roger Van Der Haagen
Comprehensive and accessible greenhouse gas data

UNSD – Mr. Karoly Kovacs
Towards the Revised International Recommendations for Energy Statistics

WEC – Ms. Elene Nekhaev

The Way and Means to Improve Quality and Strengthen Harmonisation and Cooperation

The InterEnerStat Website

How to improve data quality? Proposals for discussion

Proposals for strengthening harmonisation between organisations

Enhancing cooperation between organisations

How Do We Move?
Jean-Yves Garnier