Sustainable Transport - Environmental bonus low-emission vehicles

Last updated: 22 October 2021

In the context of the economic stimulus of June 2020, the German government decided to implement several measures to develop a more sustainable transport sector.


Among them, the German government will promote the exchange of the vehicle fleet for climate and environmentally friendly electric vehicles through an environmental bonus. In the existing system, it doubles the federal premiums as a new “innovation premium”. The manufacturer's premium will remain unaffected.

This measure is limited up to the 31/12/2021, and is then superseded by an additional budget of EUR 2.5 billion from the German Development and Resilience Plan (DARP) over the 2021-22 period.


In order to accelerate the shift towards zero-emission vehicles, the federal government doubled its share in the buyer’s premium for electric vehicles (new “innovation bonus”) to EUR 2.2 billion.



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