Voluntary energy saving agreement: electricity-intensive companies

Last updated: 16 September 2020
Eligible electricity-intensive companies can achieve relief of electricity tax (the PSO-tax) if a company enter a voluntary agreement scheme (VA). The key element in the VA-scheme is the agreement on energy efficiency. The agreement lasts for a period of maximum three years and can be extended. The company maintains the VA by:a. Undertake energy efficiency measures.b. Maintain the energy management system.c. Conduct special investigationsd. Report to DEA – a yearly report on the plan of action (including an update with new projects), the energy consumption (both electricity and other energy consumptions), progress on special investigations, audit reports from ISO 50001 certifying body etc. In addition to yearly reports a final report must be send to DEA at theend of the VA.DEA monitors the companies’ fulfillment of the agreement. The VA-scheme is planned to end by 31 December 2020.

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