Decree 637 of 2020 - Reduction of regulatory restrictions for oil, mining and gas sectors

Last updated: 30 April 2021
According to Decree 637 of 2020, the emergency status is declared throughout the national territory and for a term of 30 calendar days, to face the effects of COVID -19. In the mining-energy sector, these measures guarantee the provision of service to balance effects from the pandemic for the different agents of the production chain and for users, to make the mechanisms, costs and fees associated with the provision of public services and activities more efficient and sustainable. This decree also aims to establish effective mechanisms to mitigate the impacts of the emergency with regard to the services and projects in the sector. It also aims to facilitate credit lines and guarantees as well as to compensate the financial costs of credit lines in favor of holders of small mining or subsistence miners, for the strengthening of their productive activity.

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