SCALE Act (Storing CO2 and Lowering Emissions Act)

Last updated: 11 March 2022

In 2021, a bipartisan group in the United States introduced the SCALE Act (Storing CO2 and Lowering Emissions Act). The Act aims to support the build-out of critical CO2 transport and storage infrastructure with an aim to support CCUS and CO2 removal technologies, while supporting regional economic opportunities and jobs in the country over a 5-year authorization period. The SCALE Act incudes components which aimed at:

  • Establishing a CO2 Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (CIFIA) program to help support the development of shared CO2 transport infrastructure via flexible and low-interest loans, as well as grants. 
  • Providing grant support for commercial geologic CO2 storage projects.
  • Supporting CO2 utilisation opportunities through measures authorizing the Department of Energy to provide funding for municipalities and states to procure CO2-based products for infrastructure projects 
  • Supporting legal and regulatory authorizations for permitting Class VI CO2 storage wells.

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