2022 - 2033 National Transport Plan - Railway

Last updated: 16 May 2023

Targeting to halve emissions from the transport sector by 2030, compared to 2005 levels, the Government of Norway announced a National Transport Plan for 2022-2033. During that period, the government will allocate NOK 1,200 billion to the development of an efficient, eco-friendly and safe transport system with the objective to strengthen railway services in Norway. 


Within the plan, the government plans to spend close to NOK 400 billion on the railway over the next 12 years. It will in particular develop and strengthen the railway where it has an important role in the transport system with the goal to have an environmentally friendly passenger and freight transport by rail. The key for these investments is to develop new infrastructure, improve maintenance, and to enhance the digitalisation of the railway sector. 

Other key components of the National Transport Plan in the railway sector include:

  • NOK 7.5 billion for managing the railway sector 
  • NOK 131.8 billion for operation, maintenance and renewal of the railway
  • NOK 46.8 billion for the purchase of new passenger trains
  • NOK 24 billion for investments in safety, signalling and train stations
  • NOK 2.6 billion for improved railway network coverage

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