Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to radically improve the management system of the fuel and energy industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan" dated 01.02.2019 №UP-5646

Last updated: 19 January 2022

The adoption of this Decree is due to the fact that the development of the energy industry is limited by general systemic problems, such as high wear and tear of equipment and slow rates of renewal of the corresponding infrastructure, operation of equipment, installations, gas pipelines and power lines in violation of service life, unstable financial situation, low level of resource implementation. and energy saving technologies. The Presidential Decree defines the main directions for the further development of the fuel and energy industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It aims at: - developing clear market mechanisms for implementing tariff policy; - creating conditions for actively attracting investments in the construction of infrastructure facilities, as well as modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of enterprises in the industry; - stimulating the active introduction of advanced resource and energy saving technologies in the sectors of the economy and the household sector, the widespread development of alternative energy sources. The tasks of the Ministry of Science include the development and implementation of a unified state policy in the fuel and energy industry, the implementation of state regulation of the production, transmission, distribution and consumption of electric and thermal energy, coal, as well as the production, processing, transportation, distribution, sale and use of oil, gas and products of their processing.

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