EIB investments for climate action and clean energy, sustainable transport, communications

Last updated: 26 October 2021

To support EU’s climate-neutrality target by 2050, the European Investment Bank announced backing new investments including:


    • €2 billion to foster different renewable energy projects in France, Germany, Spain, Ireland and Italy (wind, solar, energy efficiency, hydrogen and storage technologies).  


    • €700  million to finance sustainable transport in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain (hydrogen powered trains and refuelling facilities or renewable energy use at an airport).


    • €720 million for Covid-19 economic resilience, corporate research, innovation and business investment in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany and Poland (concerns investments for companies most hit by the pandemic, expanding digital business activities or climate related investments).


    • €837 million will back urban investment, housing, education and communications in Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, North Africa, Lithuania, France and Ukraine (energy efficiency, social and affordable housing, supply of drinking water, wastewater treatment, technical education).


 Financial disbursements will be detailed on a project by project basis.

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