Recovery, transformation and resilience plan / Inclusive and fair energy transition (III)

Last updated: 22 June 2022

Spain submitted its recovery and resilience plan in April 2021 to the European Commission.  


Within the third pillar of the plan, one component relates to the decarbonisation of the energy sector notably the support of workers whose employment might be adversely affected by the energy transition. The pillar is composed of the following strategies:


Component 7: Development and inclusion of renewable energies: EUR 3 165 million (2021-2023)


Component 8: Electrical infrastructure, promotion of smart grids and deployment of storage facilities: EUR 1 365 million (2021-2023)


Component 9: Roadmap for the integration of renewable hydrogen: EUR 1 555 million (2021-2023)


Component 10: Just transition strategy: EUR 300 million (2021-2023)

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