Recovery and resilience plan / Climate transition dimension/ Hydrogen and renewables

Last updated: 30 January 2024

Hydrogen and renewables is the 14th component of the Climate Transition pillar from Portugal's Recovery Plan. The EUR 370 million budget will be used to reduce the country's energy dependence while ensuring economic growth and supporting employment in the energy sector. It is composed of the following initiatives: 



The National Hydrogen Strategy (EN-H2) will create incentives to promote the gradual introduction of hydrogen, with targets for the 2030 horizon:

 -10-15% injection of green hydrogen into natural gas networks

 -2-5% of green hydrogen in the energy consumption of the industry sector

 -1-5% of green hydrogen in the energy consumption of the road transport sector

 -3-5% of green hydrogen in the energy consumption of the domestic maritime transport.

 -1.5-2% of green hydrogen in the final energy consumption

 -2-2.5 GW of installed capacity through electrolysis



- Hydrogen and renewable gases (EUR 185 million): the investments will support projects related to the production of gases from renewable sources

- Development of renewable electricity in the Madeira Archipelago (EUR 69 million): the objective is to prepare the electrical system to a thermoelectric power plant phase-out. 

- Energy transition in the Azores (EUR 116 million): the goal is to increase energy self-sufficiency by promoting renewable energies (mainly geothermal), energy storage systems and energy services contributing to a decentralized production.


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