Recovery and resilience plan / Social Cohesion and Resilience / Sustainable Housing Policy

Last updated: 19 March 2022

As part of its EU National Resilience and Recovery Plan, Luxembourg developed three pillars to orient its national policies to develop the EU's political objectives in Luxembourg, including Social Cohesion and Resilience, Green Transition and Digital & Innovative Governance. 


For its housing measure, the government intends to develop sustainability criteria in its housing criteria, with the implementation of energy efficiency standards, and the development of renewable energies in buildings.  


The policy includes projects such as 'Pacte Logement 2.0" and "Neischmelz", with a total budget of 24 million EUR from the EU funds, and estimated cost envisaged at 51.46 million EUR, with in particular the development of geothermal energy in this project. 

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