National Recovery Plan / B. Green energy and energy efficiency / B2. & B3. Renewable energy

Last updated: 30 January 2024

Under pillar Pillar B of the Polish National Recovery Plan ( "Green energy and energy efficiency"), the "B2. Renewable energies" policy platform encompasses the following investments and support measures:


B2.1 Improving conditions for the development of hydrogen technologies and other decarbonised gases 

-Investment in hydrogen technologies, production, storage and transportation; it includes: 

- Preparation of the Polish Hydropower Strategy until 2030 

- Amendment of acts (Electromobility and alternative fuels; fuel quality monitoring and control system) to encompass hydrogen as an alternative fuel in transport

- Construction of electrolysers (mostly using RES energy for hydrogen production)

- Development of infrastructures for transmission, distribution and transport of hydrogen. 

- Building of storage facilities and hydrogen-powered transport units


B2.2 Improving conditions for the development of renewable energy sources:

-Transmission grid development and smart electricity infrastructure

-Renewable energy installation among energy communities

-Construction of offshore terminal infrastructures

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