Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland

Last updated: 28 March 2022

The Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland is a programme funded under the Next Generation EU (NGEU) funding package. In particular, the programme is part of Finland’s Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRF), the main instrument of the NGEU.

The programme supports reforms and investments for the ecological, social and economic sustainability of Finland. The Sustainable Growth Programme is intended to:

-        Abate greenhouse gas emissions;

-        Increase productivity;

-        Increase the employment rate;

-        Accelerate care access procedures;

-        Enhance regional, social and gender equality.

Hence, the programme promotes the green transition, in a context of a welfare-oriented society that improves health and social services and develops a digital economy available to all.


The first application round that makes available energy investment subsidies under the Sustainable Growth Programme takes place from 20 December 2021 to 4 March 2022. The application round is reserved for energy projects worth more than EUR 5 million of investment costs. Eligible projects regard energy infrastructure, new energy technology, hydrogen, carbon capture.

The funding reserved for this investment round amounts to EUR 520 million and 86 applications were received by March 2022. The total amount of aid applied for was EUR 1.65 billion. Projects are located across Finland.

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