Order of the Minister of Internal Affairs No. 673 "On approval of safety requirements for gas supply system facilities"

Last updated: 21 February 2022

 This Order establishes requirements for the safety of gas supply system facilities: 

  1. when operating gas supply systems; 
  2. when operating gas supply systems in special natural and climatic conditions; 
  3. explosion safety during operation of gas distribution system facilities and gas consumption of thermal power plants and boiler houses, which apply to boiler plants with a steam capacity of 35 t/h and above and hot water boiler plants with a thermal capacity of 50 Gcal/h and above; 
  4. in case of gas-hazardous work;
  5. during the localisation and elimination of accidents.  

Under the Order, in case of detection of gas contamination of structures on the gas pipeline route or gas leakage:

  1. the emergency dispatch service and the management of the service are immediately notified;      
  2. immediate measures are taken to warn the surrounding people about gas pollution and the inadmissibility of using open fire, using electrical appliances and the need to ventilate the premises;    
  3. instrumentation checks and ventilation of gassed basements, basement and first floors of buildings, wells and chambers of underground structures (communications) in a 15-meter and 50-meter zone are organized, in personal protective equipment for the organs of vision and breathing. 

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