E-Energy - ICT-based energy system of the future

Last updated: 11 July 2019
In the framework of the E-Energy ICT-based Energy System of the Future Programme,  the federal government is funding six pilot projects up to 2013 which are designed to research and test the benefits of using information technologies such as smart metering in the energy sector. In view of the great importance of E-Energy for the development of renewable energies and for increasing energy efficiency, funding of the pilot projects is taking place in a cross-departmental partnership between the BMWi and the BMU. The BMWi is providing up to €40m for four pilot regions and the BMU is paying up to €20m to fund two additional pilot regions. Thus taken together with the contributions of the participant companies a total of about €140m is being mobilised for the development of the six E-Energy pilot regions. The objective of E-Energy is the development of new solutions52 Energy efficiency and energy savings in Germany

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