Entreprise Ecodynamique (Ecodynamic Company) - Brussels-Capital

Last updated: 5 November 2017
In 1999, the Brussels-Capital Region launched the "Entreprise Ecodynamique" (Ecodynamic Enterprise) seal of approval. This seal can be attributed to all kinds of public and private organisations and companies regardless of their activity: both large enterprises and SMEs, private, public or mixed, multinational subsidiary, management or association. The seal, awarded for a period of three years, demonstrates that the company or organisation will take on various environment-related actions. During the three years in which the seal is valid, the company must put in place an action plan, as defined by their environmental programme. They must also assess their actions, update their initial analyses, and then update their action plans. Actions are centered on environmental performance, such as a reduction in energy consumption, waste, primary resources, and transportation use. For example, it can help companies implement energy management systems such as EMAS. It also includes financial (assessment of company accounts) and health (protection of internal air quality or noise reduction within the establishment) aspects. From 2008, the energy aspect will take on greater significance and will be the priority area of the "Entreprise Ecodynamique" seal, working in the same way as the PLAGE programme but at company level, that is, having a stronger focus on demand side management within buildings (see separate entry). For participating companies, the programme offers consulting services and training. The seal awarded can contain either one, two or three stars, according to the ambitions and achievements of the participating companies. After three years, the company can re-submit a request for the seal, in the process potentially being upgraded by one or more stars.

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