National Energy Agenda 2016-2040

Last updated: 14 April 2022

This agenda outlines a roadmap for the national energy sector from 2016 to 2040. By providing a framework for action, it aims to promote the integration of the electricity and hydrocarbon sectors, comprehensive energy planning, increased energy efficiency, sustainability and social development. 

In order to consolidate an environmentally sustainable energy matrix, the agenda indicates that greenhouse gas emissions from energy projects should be kept as low as possible. Therefore, the Ministry of the Environment, in coordination with other competent authorities, will strengthen actions to monitor, follow-up and assess impacts associated with greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector. Furthermore, the development of oil and gas production will be promoted in a sustainable manner, with respect to economic, social and environmental aspects. In particular, hydrocarbon extraction processes should ensure sustainable use of energy resources and reduce flaring of associated gas. 

The Agenda also sets a target of elaborating, at least once every five years, a proposal for the national contribution of the energy sector for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. This should support efforts to obtain climate finance and drive more ambitious climate action at the national level.

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