Transport sector support scheme

Last updated: 6 December 2022

In March 2022, the Spanish Government enacted support for transport sector companies hit by the impacts of the global energy crisis, including : 

  • Direct financial support to freight and passenger transport companies, depending on the type of vehicle (EUR 1 250 per truck, EUR 950 per bus, EUR 500 per van and EUR 300 per light vehicle such as cabs, VTC and ambulances)
  • An extension of the maturity period of the loans guaranteed by the public credit institution (Instituto de Crédito Oficial, ICO)  to 8-10 years, and an extension of the grace period of the credits guaranteed by the ICO to 6 months, will be included as a measure of immediate application.
  • A new line of loans to the sector guaranteed by the ICO will be established with a 12-month grace period.

In addition, Hauliers are thus entitled to a EUR 20 cents/liter subsidy for transport fuels (diesel, petrol, biofuels), a rebate that was later extended to all consumers in Spain. The cost is jointly borne by the State (EUR 15 cents/liter) and oil product operators (EUR 5 cents/liter).

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