Western Australia Statutory Guidelines for Mine Closure Plans

Last updated: 8 November 2022

Effective from 3 March 2020 and implementing Section 70O of Mining Act 1978, the Statutory Guidelines for Mine Closure Plans requires a Mine Closure Plan (MCP) to be submitted for any mine operation in Western Australia. The Statutory Guidelines have clear mandatory requirements that make it easier for industry to prepare submissions and assist the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety to clearly identify whether an application meets the mandatory requirements of the form and content. The form and content of the MCP depends on whether it is a large or small mining operation. For large-scale mining, it must contain the following substantive information:

1.       Identification of closure obligations and commitments

2.       Stakeholder Engagement

3.       Baseline and Closure Data and Analysis

4.       Post-Mining Land Use(s)

5.       Closure Risk Assessment

6.       Closure Outcomes and Completion Criteria

7.       Closure Implementation

8.       Closure Monitoring and Maintenance

9.       Financial Provisioning for Closure

10.   Management of Information and Data

11.   Reviewed Mine Closure Plans

For Small Mining Operations, the MCP does not need to include certain sections, such as Baseline and Closure Data and Analysis, Closure Risk Assessment, and Closure Implementation. 

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