October 2022 national measures against soaring energy prices

Last updated: 5 December 2022

In an effort to shield domestic consumers from the effects of the global energy crisis, the Greek government implemented the following measures from October 2022:

- An electricity subsidy targeted at all household, based on their monthly consumption. The scheme is however tailored to provide additional levels of support, in the form of a EUR 50/MWh subsidy increase, to those reducing their average daily consumption by 15% (in comparison to the previous year). Social tariff beneficiaries receive a EUR 485/MWh subsidy, meant to fully compensate the effects of the rise in electricity prices.

- An electricity subsidy for commercial tariff beneficiaries, based on their monthly consumption. Farmers however benefit from  a flat rate  EUR 436/MWh subsidy.

- A natural gas subsidy for all households, in the form of a  EUR 90/thermal MWh support meant to compensate over 50% of the price increase.

- A natural gas subsidy for all commercial and industrial consumers, amounting to  EUR 40/thermal MWh in October.

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