National Hydrogen Strategy

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 25 May 2023

Morocco's National Hydrogen Strategy design the country's vision by 2050.
In the short term (2020-2030) two pillars are envisioned: the use of hydrogen as a feedstock in the local production of green ammonia and the export of green hydrogen to countries with ambitious decarbonization goals.
In the middle term (2030-2040), with the reduction in the cost of producing hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels, and with stricter environmental regulations, the produciton and export of green hydrogen, green ammonia, synthetic fuels is envisioned. At the same time, hydrogen will be used as an electricity storage vector and as fuel in the transport sector.
In the long term (2040-2050), the strategy sees an expansion of the hydrogen trade at a global level, as well as its use in industry, residential heating and transport in the country.
The action plan for the development of the national hydrogen strategy is designed on three strategic areas:
- Technology: cost reduction through R&D, innovation and scale up (with the deployment of 1GW projects in the mid term); creation of a research and innovation cluster; put in place measures to ensure the integration with the local industry.
- Investment: support the creation of industrial clusters, in order to create synergies for the infrastructure utlization; ensure appropriate financing.
- Market and demand: create the conditions to favour export, through port infrastructure and a favourable taxation; elaborate a storage plan, exploring different options among which salt caverns; develop internal market.

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