Circular economy - Strategy for the transformation of Sweden

Last updated: 8 December 2023

The national Circular Economy Strategy outlines the path for the transition to circular production, consumption and business models as well as non-toxic and circular material cycles. 
The Strategy has four focus areas:
1) Circular economy through sustainable production and product design;
2) Circular economy through sustainable consumption and use of materials, products and services;
3) Circular economy through non-toxic and circular cycles;
4) Circular economy as a driving force for business and other stakeholders through measures that promote innovation and circular business models.
Under the fourth focus area, the Strategy lists innovation-critical metals and minerals as a prioritised stream in the transition to the circular economy. In particular, it highlights the urgency to develop recycling of innovation-critical metals and minerals from, among other things, mining waste and end-of-life consumer products as an alternative to primary mining.

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