Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Last updated: 10 December 2023

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources's Strategic Plan outlines the policies for the development of the critical mineral supply chain. The Plan is structured around seven key objectives:

  1. Ensuring sustainable energy supply security
  2. Prioritising and increasing energy efficiency
  3. Strengthening institutional and sectoral capacity
  4. Increasing regional and global efficiency in energy and natural resources
  5. Technology development and localisation in the field of energy and natural resources
  6. Increasing predictability in markets
  7. Increasing production capacity with sustainable mining

Key performance indicators related to critical mineral supply chain development include:

  • The establishment of a Boron Research Centre
  • Completion of the project for the detection of precious minerals in the waste/residues of mineral enrichment facilities
  • The development of 13 new projects to increase the known reserves of uranium and thorium (in addition to the 4 existing projects)

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