Turkish Energy, Nuclear and Mineral Research Agency, Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Last updated: 10 December 2023

The Strategic Plan for the Turkish Energy, Nuclear and Mineral Research Agency (TENMAK) outlines policies for the development of critical minerals, especially rare earth minerals. TENMAK is composed of 5 research institutes, among them the recently formed Rare Earth Elements Research Institute. Rare Earth Elements Research Institute (TENMAK NATEN) is affiliated with the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (ETKB). TENMAK NATEN’s goal is to provide the necessary information for the country's short, medium, and long term policies and strategies on rare earth elements and other critical minearls, obtain rare earth elements from all the resources in the country, produce end products using rare earth elements that the country's developing sectors will need, and convert them into commercial value by developing technologies related to these elements.

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