Brunel hydrogen course to retrain oil and gas workers

Last updated: 3 August 2023

The Netherlands-based energy recruitment company Brunel, along with the Groningen-based business school, The Energy Delta Institute, launched a degree for oil and gas workers to retrain them for jobs in the hydrogen sector. Brunel launched the degree after receiving the results of a survey it undertook with, which showed a third of oil and gas workers were looking for new jobs in the renewables industry. The European Union will invest EUR 250 billion (of which EUR 4.5 billion is planned in the Netherlands) into hydrogen production, which will generate strong demand for hydrogen specialists in coming years. The course will be a fully accredited postgraduate degree covering the fundamentals of hydrogen production, usage (mobility, industry and built environment) and the full value chain, as well as policies, regulatory and legal issues. It will be the first such programme in the world. It is planned as a part-time course, once a week for nine months, with 25 available spots for Brunel’s clients with more than five years in engineering and legal roles. After the pilot phase, Brunel plans to launch additional international programmes. 

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