Eleventh Development Plan (2019-2023)

Last updated: 8 December 2023

The Development Plan is prepared by the state under the Presidential Government System and approved by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey every four years. The Plan serves as a basic roadmap for the long-term development of the country toward meeting its fundamental values and expectations, raising its position in international rankings and improving the welfare level of its people.
The overarching objective for the mining sector under the plan is to ensure the security of raw material supply and to improve the contribution of the mines to the national economy by increasing their efficiency and value. To this end, the Plan lays out a number of policies and measures related to critical minerals, including:

  • (502.2)The establishment of production infrastructure of mines with high economic potential and other critical raw materials.
  • (503)The increase of exploration activities in Turkey and abroad to meet the raw material demands of the energy sector and industry, with priority given to the exploration of rare earth elements, boron and other economically potent mines.
    • (503.3) The development of projects for the exploration and research of critical raw materials and rare earth elements identified by countries and regions.
  • (504) Research into the reduction of financial risks to increase the exploration activities of the private sector.
    • (504.3) Research for the preparation of exploration and reserve reports in accordance with international standards.
  • (505) The determination of basic and critical mines for Turkish economy.
    • (505.1) The preparation of a roadmap for the safe supply of basic and critical mines and
      rare earth elements.
    • (505.2) The implementation of regulations regarding the strategic reserve, stocks and export restrictions for these metals.

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