Regulating and Promoting Energy Efficiency

Last updated: 24 August 2021
Under the energy management scheme introduced by the Energy Efficiency Law (EE Law) for the industry and building sectors, the number of certified energy managers has presently reached approx. 7 400. Energy managers have been assigned in 911 industrial establishments and in 835 commercial buildings and energy management units have been established in 33 organized industrial zones as of November 2015. In order to disseminate the energy efficiency services all over the country through energy efficiency consultant companies, evaluation of the companies which want to obtain the authorization certification to carry out services such as organization of energy manager training, making energy audits, preparing energy efficiency projects and consultancy are ongoing. Authorizations have been initiated for universities, chambers of engineers and energy consultant companies. One chamber of engineers, 1 university and 34 consultancy companies are authorized as of 2015.

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