Renewable Energy Policy and Action Plan

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water introduced the National Renewable energy Policy and Action Plan to overcome the main barriers to renewable energy deployment in Malaysia.The strategy seeks to address: market failure,policies inconsistencies,mixed signals to investors andthe lack of a robust and long term sustainable growth.The Policy Vision seeks to enhance the use of indigenous renewable energy sources (RES) contributing to electricity supply security and fuel supply independence. The policy also seeks to increase the share of RE in the national electricity mix, support the expansion of a local RE manufacturing sector, ensure reasonable RE generation costs and protect the environment. In order to reach its objectives, the RE Action Plan shall provide for the introduction implementation of a feed-in tariff system to easures to reduce the transaction cost of financing, create a conducive business environment for RE business to grow and build up local competencies and capacities attract skilled workers in the sector and initiate a long term research and development programme. Targets:The RE Action plan established generation targets until 2050 when renewable energy should make 24% of the total energy mix, from 1% in 2011 and 9% in 2020 enabling more than 30 million tonnes of CO2 emissions to e avoided in line with the national target.

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