Action Concerning Government Buildings

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The French government is planning to introduce high standards of energy efficiency in its government buildings. The aim is to reduce emissions and to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits from such actions. A government Action Plan is expected in 2002. This follows earlier measures. For example, the Prime Ministers request in 1991 that each Ministry implement an energy-saving programme in buildings under its authority. These actions are co-ordinated at the national level by a group of senior civil servants responsible for energy within each Ministry. The priority, as of 1995, has been for investments for which the payback is less than six years so that government buildings may serve as a reference in the energy field; this applies to new buildings as well as renovations and the operations of existing buildings. Third-party financing has been authorised for energy consumption measures in other public building. At the local level, various programmes of thermal insulation improvement will be launched through partnership between municipalities and the appropriate public bodies.