Energy Consulting for Households: klima:aktiv leben to Employ Chimney-Sweepers as Climate Ambassadors

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Part of the larger Austrian climate strategy, the klima:aktiv leben campaign partners with the nations chimney sweepers to publicize energy efficiency measures in residences. In selecting the chimney sweepers as climate ambassadors, the Austrian government recognized the chimney sweepers role as the first contact with ecological aspects of heating. The chimney sweepers visit households and bring with them easy-to-implement energy-saving advice while identifying possible needs for expert consulting in energy efficiency matters or useful investments in energy-saving and climate protection measures. The chimney sweepers supply households with specific advice on how to save energy. To assess the need for professional energy consulting, they complete a questionnaire together with the customer to gauge the interest of the household in receiving further information, more intensive consulting by an energy consultant, or in taking specific rehabilitation action. Following the chimney sweepers visits, the Austrian Federal Provinces' energy consultants assist households with qualified consultation. The klima:aktiv leben program is coordinated and steered b y Oesterreichische Energieagentur (Austrian Energy Agency).

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