National Development Strategy - Moldova 2020

Last updated: 12 May 2021
Among the eight priority objectives for long-term development of Moldova, as defined in the National Development Strategy 'Moldova 2020', one objective comprises: "... decrease in energy consumption through increased energy efficiency and use of RES. The strategic vision of this document refers to '... creation, by 2020, of a competitive and efficient energy sector that will provide consumers with quality energy resources in an affordable and reliable way, and will meet the challenges of rising energy prices, energy resources 'import dependence and sector impact on climate change'. As stated in the Strategy, the achievement of these strategic objectives is based on two pillars: ensuring national energy security and improving energy efficiency. Energy efficiency improvement is expected to be attained by: energy intensity reduction in residential, industry, transport and agriculture sectors; modernisation of the energy system; implementation of energy-efficient technologies; development of local energy resources, including RES; public awareness-raising regarding the need for energy savings (including public utilities, building materials, housing, household appliances, etc.).

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