National Energy Efficiency Award

Last updated: 5 November 2017
National Energy Efficiency Award (PEEN) is an initiative of the Government of Indonesia to promote energy efficiency in building and industry sectors. PEEN aims to:
Recognize and appreciate the institutions that have successfully implemented energy conservation measures
Improve participation and awareness of stakeholders in building and industry sectors in implementing energy efficiency and energy conservation measures as part of an energy management systems and encouraging innovation
Introduce industry models and building models as best practices for energy management systems.
Provide incentive to the central and local governments that have implemented energy efficiency.
PEEN consists of categories as follows:
Energy Efficient Buildings
New Buildings
Green Buildings
Small and Medium
Retrofitted Buildings
Tropical Buildings
Special Innovation
Energy Management in Industry and Building
Small and Medium enterprises
Large Industries
Small and medium buildings
Large buildings
Special innovation in industry
Special Innovation in building