Renovation of street lighting (Phase I funding)

Last updated: 18 October 2019

The purpose of allocating grants is to increase the efficiency of consumption of electrical energy in street lighting.


As a result of the support, the consumption of electrical energy in street lighting will decrease as a result of the use of more efficient LED-lighting technology.


The project contributes to achieving the following output figures of the activities under the measure:

  • decreased consumption of electrical energy in street lighting;
  • increased number of renovated street lighting points;
  • calculated annual decrease of CO2.


Older lamps are changed for LED and smart technology.


Grants are available covering 35 to 80% of eligible project costs


In the first round of funding, 22 street lighting renovation projects were supported, with a total cost of EUR 9,952,992, to which the project proponents will add EUR 5,384,540 in self-financing.



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