CLIMA projects/ Aid Programme for energy efficiency in the residential, non-ETS industrial and transport sectors

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Climate Projects of the Carbon Fund for a Sustainable Economy (FES-CO2) are Greenhouse Gas emission reduction programs developed in Spain, which were designed to lay out a path for the transformation of the Spanish productive system towards a low-carbon model. These Climate projects must be located in Spain and developed in the so-called "diffuse sectors" (that are not subject to the European emissions trading scheme) such as the transport, agricultural, residential, waste management sectors. The development of carbon sink projects is not covered by this scheme. The reductions in emissions attained through the FES-CO2 require the fulfilment of a number of requirements that include, among others, those that are established in article 7 of Royal Decree 1494/2011, of October 24, whereby the Carbon Fund for a Sustainable Economy is regulated

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