Energy Efficiency and Conservation Master Plan up to 2030

Last updated: 24 July 2020

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Master Plan is a supreme plan of Bangladesh’s initiative on energy efficiency and conservation, of which preparation requirement is stipulated in the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Rules (2014). The Plan declares Bangladesh's unyielding commitment for EE&C implementation


This master plan is developed along 7 policy axes


  1. Energy Management Program for large industrial energy consumers
  2. Energy Efficiency labelling program for residential consumers based on the following sub steps:
    • Label certification / Laboratory accreditation system
    • Standardization of EE measurement method and Star Label
    • Rating criteria  Star Label Standardization (Unification)
    • Participation of manufactures, importers and retail shops (mandatory/voluntary)
    • MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard)
  1. Energy efficiency building program based on the Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC)
  2. Energy efficiency & conservation finance program for private companies
  3. Government own initiatives (Green Purchase Program for Eco-friendly public procurement and obtaining some ISO certifications)
  4. Energy Consumption Data Collection (by fuel, sector, and energy intensity data)
  5. Global Warming Countermeasures including the Formulation and quantification of national carbon market; a Carbon abatement project as capacity development; and  Awareness raising.


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