Promotion for Development and Dissemination of PV systems

Last updated: 24 August 2021
METI has operated a programme for development and dissemination of PV systems for several years. The budget in FY1999 was JP¥ 28.49 billion; in FY2000 it was JP¥ 28.8 billion; FY2001 - JP¥ 32.20 billion; FY2002 - JP¥ 35.90 billion. The programme has 3 objectives: 1) Technological development of PV: - technological development for accelerating the dissemination of PV systems, the 2003 budget was JP¥ 1.07 billion. -PV system technologies for mass deployment ? reliability, cell and system evaluation, recycle and reuse process, etc: FY2003 budget was JP¥ 1.26 billion. -R & D for power generation technology: introduced in FY2001 with a budget of JP¥ 5.05 billion; in FY2002 the budget was JP¥ 7.30 billion, in FY2003 the budget was JP¥ 5.09 billion. 2) Demonstrative Research - International Joint Demonstrative Research of PV systems. The budget in FY2000 was JP¥ 0.28 billion; in FY2001 it was JP¥ 0.28 billion; in FY2002 the budget was JP¥ 0.80 billion and in FY2003 it was JP¥ 1.90 billion. - PV Field Test Program for Industrial and Other Applications. The budgets were: FY1999 - JP¥ 2.41 billion; FY2000 - JP¥ 4.00 billion; FY2001 - JP¥ 1.99 billion; FY2002 - JP¥ 4.50 billion. -PV Field Test Project on Advanced Photovoltaic Power Generation Technologies: introduced in FY2003 with a budget of JP¥ 3.50 billion. -Demonstrative research on Clustered PV systems: FY2003 budget was JP¥ 2.37 billion. 3)Introduction and Promotion -Introduction and promotion of PV systems for residences -Support for introduction of PV systems by innovative enterprises and local government, to encourage others to follow the example. -Support for NGOs activities to promote grassroots introduction of PV systems.

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