Renewable Energy Services Programme (RESPRO)

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 16 July 2012
The Renewable Energy Services Project (RESPRO)was launched as a three-year project, funded in part by the UNDP and GEF, and has been continued by the Ministry of Energy as a programme to create a non-profit trust to manage and extend solar PV services to needy communities as an integral part of the Ministrys rural electrification programme. RESPRO took charge of the design and specification of the PV components, installation and/or supervision of installation of systems and instructions to users in their operation. The project oversaw the installation and dissemination of PV operation instructions to the end-users was, and provided maintece and replacement parts for the PV systems. An operations centre was also incorporated as the principal staging and service centre to meet project implementation and operational requirements. RESPRO has supported the governments rural electrification programme by providing solar home appliances to over 2000 households including provision of solar streetlight, solar powered water pumps, refrigeration for clinics as well school lighting systems.

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